How much should I be paying to get my Hair Cut?!

I’m 26 years old and I’ll admit I’ve probably grown up quite privileged when it comes to hair cuts. I’ve been going to salons all my life and for a reasonable price I would say.

I personally believe haircuts should fall somewhere in between the 10 dollar shitty ass great clips hair cuts, and the 200 dollar absurd your getting ripped off by someone haircut.

I’m pretty sure all my hair cuts growing up at the salon cost about 20-30 bucks. That included a hair wash and then you just had to tip the cutter.

That was for a very very legit cut, like upper end to me for a guys cut.

I mean besides my funny friend with long hair who pays 100 bucks a strand, I don’t see how much more of an upgrade you can get then those cuts.

Which brings me to LA. I needed to get my first haircut and so I asked my friend for his guy. He recommends a sick dude and I ask how much? He said it was 60 bucks which I thought was outrageous but that they do a half off first time discount.

Sooo not trusting anybody usually with my hair I decided might as well go get the fancy one first half off. I did and it was a fantastic cut! I got washed and then he took his sweet ass time on my hair I loved it.

Problem was the hair cut was actually too good and round 2 was gong to cost me double.

Then there was the matter of needing an emergency hair cut,  right before new years eve. So I of course had to go pay for a $70 all-in haircut which was ludicrous!

Now that its been almost a month again and time for another cut I’m wondering what’s the appropriate amount I should be willing to spend for a good haircut?

I mean I don’t trust those fools at great clips, I went to one in Indiana once and that was the end of it, they almost ruined my year!

On principal as a man I don’t think I should have to pay more then 30 bucks for a decent haircut.

Ugghhh being in the gutter is so miserable If I can’t afford 5 star haircuts how am I ever going to survive?!

I guess I’ll have to do part 2 recap once I get that new cut, to be continued…..

Gone speed,



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