Corinne had everyone fooled… Including me, Her BIGGEST FAN!

Corinne has played us all!

This is coming from the man who during week 3 of the bachelor came to her defense against America, I was her BIGGEST SUPPORTER!


When I wrote my first article about Corinne over a month ago, me and her had merely been fun pen pals who hung out 4 times over the last couple years, and just made out each time we saw each other. Never, and I repeat never, have I mentioned we dated. Let alone called her my “Ex girlfriend”.

I just decided to a write a fun little blog on my site defending her craziness on the show for the 5 people who were reading it at the time, harmless I thought. Then at the suggestion of a friend I posted it on Facebook figuring some girls might find it funny. I couldn’t believe how much it organically exploded, I never contacted a soul about it, everyone started coming to me out of nowhere. All I ever did was speak the truth, I was 100% TEAM CORINNE!

Fast forward to yesterday and she had this to say about me in an Exclusive with E! News……


Woahhh Corinne that was harsh! Shots fired!

You mentioned me completely unprovoked? I’m not even upset, I’m Impressed!

Especially about the part where you call me “Literally, Literally Zero. Never were anything, never anything”

Now to be honest, I’ve never considered us anything more than OLD FRIENDS.

Friendly enough however that we had this conversation as recently as a bit over a month ago; seemed like we were on pretty good terms I’d say…….

corinne text .PNG

Wait she had a dream about me?  Wow, that seems like something you certainly wouldn’t say to someone who is “Literally, Literally a ZERO”

That agent idea was kind of smart though right?  I could definitely get her some gigs, I know people.

Unfortunately, the very next day on Jan 31st. the Us Weekly article came out, and that’s where things took a wild turn……


First off I was shocked considering Us Weekly didn’t tell me I was getting a full-blown cover article about just me and her. I mean I went from posting my first ever blog on Facebook to the cover of one week later?!! Absurddddd.

She of course was very upset with me for the US Weekly HEADLINE calling me her “Ex” which they used mainly for click-bait. I did apologize to her for their use of the “aggressive” title, because while I never said that over the phone I did refer to her as aggressive in my blog. I should have used the term “forward” instead, but who cares, it’s just a headline!

If she had decided to read the article she would have noticed I said nothing but nice things about her…. but god forbid REALITY SUPERSTAR Corinne Olympios have time to read anything!

Regardless I took it all in stride and thought it was pretty cool at the end of the day, but you know who didn’t think it was cool…..


A.K.A her CURRENT FIANCÉE!!! (According to a source) ….. you know the actual guy that all you tabloids are trying to scrape up!

Ooo trust me he is very real people, he exists!

Why did he care so much? Well he figured out the timeline of us hanging out was two years ago and sooner; and they’ve apparently been dating/together for 3 years so you do the math, he thought she cheated on him. Or at least that’s what I thought he was mad about when he was yelling at me on the phone! (Mind you they weren’t supposed to be in contact)

But that didn’t stop her from throwing me into a 3-way phone call with him only to get my ear chewed out by him!!! I was ambushed!

Then after he didn’t let me get a word in the first time and hung up on us ,we spoke afterward some more. She was like, sorry, I guess he doesn’t want to speak with you.

Ok thank god that was scary. Then she texts me this…


Sooo now she wanted me to sit there and lie to this kid. I have no clue who he is, for all I know I’m being recorded by her people, I didn’t know what was going on, I’m just a blogger god dammit!

I didn’t want to lie, but I attempted to because she asked as a friend.  Only problem was he was one step ahead of her because he saw my Instagram post about us not dating but “hooking up”. I thought I was doing her a favor by saying that, considering I never once tried to claim we dated.

He then asked me man to man if we kissed, and I said yes, I didn’t think it was a big deal. I’m sorry, I’m no liar, and by the end of the phone call he seemed more mad at Corinne.  But what did I know about their relationship,  I barely knew Corinne!

He was kind of scary that’s all I know but she assured me everything was fine….


Then she told me she wanted to meet me in Los Angeles the next night to discuss everything and I thought everything was cool. I figured it was just a misunderstanding and we were still friends. She told me to keep everything quiet and of course I agreed, I wasn’t trying to ruin a friendship over some stupid tabloid nonsense.

We spoke about what her future plans were, and what mine were, everything seemed good. I brought up the agent thing as a joke, but then we spoke about the possibility that if I could get her a cool gig,  she’d be interested in doing it.

So I tried a couple places and was finally able to bring her a really good opportunity to appear on Barstool Sports After the Bachelor show. She had no clue who they were but I knew it would be a great platform for her to expand her brand to a new audience.

We 3-way phone called in with the producers, she agreed to everything, I was pumped. I decided to fly back to New York from LA to go with her when she was going to appear on the show.

Then just over a week ago during the Oscars Red Carpet party which she attended, the night before she was set to do the Barstool show, apparently people had told her I was running around NYC talking about being her “Ex” still. I can’t help what other people say but those words never came from my mouth. She called me yelling at me and said she might not do the show anymore.

However while she was in New York the next day she decided to string me and the Barstool producers along all night still thinking she was going to show only to bail at the last second.

Needless to say this wasn’t a great look for me, and as far as I was concerned that was the final straw with me and her. I was upset and disappointed for sure, but I never planned on bashing her or telling the truth, I just figured I would let it go, I was completely over the Bachelor bullshit.

She’s a big-time Reality Star now, Rich, FAMOUS, certainly didn’t have time for some broke blogger with under 300 followers who was “making up lies”. Seriously though, she really doesn’t owe me anything, I mean we legit have only hung out 4 times ever, we barely know each other!

So that was what I thought would be the last of me and her……..

That was until of course she just put me on blast to E! News and tried to TARNISH MY GOOD NAME YESTERDAY!

That I won’t stand for, if your going to come at me Corinne your going to get EXPOSED!

Your bachelor stint was a complete sham and now the whole town knows it!



I’ll spare the internet the details because there’s no need for another kid to get dragged through the mud and bothered by the press as well but trust me I know exactly who her “Mystery man/ real ex boyfriend/fiancée” is!

Anyways….. this once and for all, is the last I shall ever be writing about this subject hopefully. Unless of course she decides to wage a WAR with me, which in that case, BRING IT ON!

If you can’t handle the Heat, Get out of the GUTTER Corinne! #BermanTellAll

Check, and Mate.

Gone Speed,

Keith Berman

Follow me on Snap and Insta for more juicy details……….



  1. Keith your blog is so inspiring, you take on the Hollywood machine and will win against pure white trash wanna be celebs like Corinne. I read every blog of yours and I think “this guy gets it!” You seem like a really cool fun guy just by reading your stuff even if you are a Packers fan. If you ever want to get dinner and discuss life etc let me know. You seem like such a chill man- fuck that dumb girl Corinne she is a Frat David wannabe hahaha. Seriously love yor stuff man keep writing I’ll keep reading and learning your ways.


    1. Corinne peaked 2 years ago when she was 12-14 lbs thinner and just a random miami slut…shame, waste of good mouth.


  2. Keith, I have heard from reliable sources that Corinne’s fiancé is actually your college roommate Jake Truen? Can you please confirm.


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