Grief is Natures Strongest Aphrodisiac

So they say grief is natures strongest aphrodisiac right, or was that just a made up line from wedding crashers?

All I know was this was my first ever foray into this territory and I’m not going to lie, I think its a REAL thing.

Sooo the day of Packers NFC championship game I’m hanging out at the bar with this packers chick all game and before you knew it was 24-3 at half.

Yes I was definitely miserable that whole second half.

But then again when the packers chick started rubbing her ass into my crotch and playing handsy with me I wasn’t going to complain.

We didn’t know what to do at that point, but all we knew was that we didn’t want to be at the bar anymore and we needed someone to hold.

Eventually we went back to her place and of course this is literally the first time in ages I forget to bring condoms! Lucky me she had a box of them in her drawer.

I would normally be creeped out but it was unopened and this girl had an innocence about her I have a feeling she’s more safe then slutty. (I hope)

Regardless I have a condom on now so fuck it what’s the worse that can happen?

Somehow I went through like 4. I haven’t left my couch in a decade I don’t know where the energy came from for this.

Maybe I was angry, upset, disappointed I can’t pinpoint it all. Or maybe its simply because I legit hadn’t had sex in over a month! Either way all of these things plus some liquor and weed in my system combined to make me super horny and so I went to pound-town on a title-town chick!  (Alright that was cheesy as fuck but it sounded cooler in my head and I won’t delete it now because I’m an honest man!)

Seriously though between blowjobs and sex we must have been messing around for hourssss.

I think Chaz Reynhold was REALLY on to something guys…. GRIEF IS NATURES STRONGEST APHRODISIAC!!!

I mean hypothetically if the packers had won the game everybody is kissing everybody, massive group hug orgies, riots in the streets, pandemonium, packers are going to to the Superbowl! Everybody is getting weirdddddd!

God knows what was going to happen. But no, we were grieving and by that I guess it means fucking away our sorrows?!

Shock,grief, awe, call it what you will but Sex is Sex and I had plenty of it!

I’m not going to lie in that moment I completely forgot about the packers it was fantastic.

Did It make up for this cold spell and the packers loss?  Hell no. But it was nice to get back on the wagon that’s for sure!

If grief leads to wild sex more often then sign me the fuck up folks!

Gone Speed,


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