First Burlesque show…. Free the Nipple? 

I wrote this blog a while back in LA, when I attended my first Burlesque show……

I knew absolutely nothing about Burlesque. I was convinced to go by my roommate who was meeting an old friend there.

I was down, why not, I’ll try anything once!

Sooo we went over to this funny spot and there’s a 15 dollar cover… Ewww.

I mean I guess it’s a “show” so technically they can charge us. We walk in and there’s some gay guy on the mic. Little did I know that 80% of the show was this funny looking man doing standup.

The place is pretty packed so we can’t even get close, we have to chill by the back bar. Which actually worked out alright because half the show the “strippers” or “performers” (I don’t know what you call burlesque people?!) would come back and strip on the bar.

Then again the only gay dude performer spent his entire show there shaking his ass in front our faces. For some reason I couldn’t look away, I don’t know what that says about my straightness?

Anyways half the strippers were overweight the others were just average. Some wouldn’t even take all there clothes off. Some would wait until the end and take their tops off after a long “exotic” dance, only to have nipple tassels on of course.

At the very end there was a really HOT women to cap off the show but even she didn’t get almost naked until the last 10 seconds. Overall the show was pretty damn lame if you ask me.

I mean I don’t know what I expected but Burlesque to me sounds like I should be seeing some TITS which I did not!  I was definitely a bit disappointed that’s for sure.

I guess I’ll have to find my way to a strip club out here eventually and let you all know what that’s like.

Just a simple man exploring LA without a penny to my name. I should probably work on that income stuff soon or this blog is going to cease to exist when I’m out living on the street for reals and some homeless guy jacks my laptop!

Gutter Life can be real stressful sometimes, I wouldn’t wish it upon my dearest of enemies. But heck, I chose this lifestyle and I made my bed(couch) so now I have to lie in it.

Just out here chasing the THE DREAM.

Gone Speed,


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