Bartenders Code

What is Bartenders Code you ask?

Simple, It’s basically this unspoken rule between bartenders that when you meet another bartender you hook them up.

It’s just the way it works. You give them free drinks, quicker service, whatever it may be.

The reason you also do it is this, most of the time when you give free drinks other bartenders wind up compensating you by tipping more.

It makes perfect sense yet most people don’t get it, bartenders do.

Plus bartenders just like to hook up other bartenders because they know they would get the same when they are in a bar.

The key is to approach it the right way and just casually mention it at the right time and to the right bartender. Some people are assholes and don’t give a shit but most of the time when you tell someone you’ll get an unexpected free drink.

Don’t believe me? Either did my roommate Mark until all the sudden, every single time we’ve gone out that I mentioned it, we’ve been given free drinks.

Bartenders Code, its a real thing people, trust me.

Gone speed,


P.S- Start giving bartenders HUGE TIPS and thank me later when you get a bunch of free drinks next time from them.

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