Alright guys the time has finally come. You’re ready I’m ready. Time to BINGE the blog. (start from the bottom of all the blogs and read up)

When I first started this thing it was basically a glorified internet journal. I’m well aware that it’s been filled mostly with sex stories and absurd escapades of mine more then just random blogs about life.

That will most likely change once this thing is fully public but for now I will let everyone enjoy the craziness that was my first 4 months in LA. I didn’t even blog half the things ridiculous things that happened over the last month or so while I was waiting to see how I wanted to play out all this stuff with the bachelor nonsense.

****Anyways if you want to do it right once again, scroll to the bottom and start reading up to follow the stories along in order of the way things happened. Or just pop around and read whatever blogs you want either way all the blogs on there are live to read. (besides a couple really inappropriate ones I had to keep hidden and private for now)

I get that many will want to make “Tucker Max” comparisons which I don’t mind. However I’d like to think the first thing people would say about me isn’t being a huge asshole.  Anyways you guys haven’t heard even 90% of the stories I have like that guy, this is just what went down in a span of 4 months,  I got a lifetime of these things just you wait!

For those that know me I pride myself on being a good friend and person. As long as my family and best friends know that, then its all good in my book. I know the way I talk and make jokes may offend some girls and I’m sorry its all for pure entertainment.

At the end of the day I really hope that I can start to bring AWARENESS TO MENTAL HEALTH. If you haven’t noticed from my videos that’s something that’s really important to me. That and building something special out here. I’m not trying to just be successful alone, for anyone that knows me well I’m trying to build a team with me for whatever my next endeavors might be.

I’ve been in talks with some HUGE companies and they are paying attention to everything I’m doing right now. Whether I get involved with them or not I’m going to be hiring a team in the near future so if you want any involvement in what I’m doing just follow along and figure out a way that you can help. (I need a lot of it). For instance I need a full time editor my grammar is terrible!

Anyways, If you haven’t already signed up for the alerts I suggest you do so. Once I release the blog I’m going to start firing out tons of blogs randomly.

Stay tuned there’s some crazy things happening all day today but for now all the blogs are going live this afternoon!

You guys may never look at me the same again, that’s alright I’m ready for whatever happens.

Alright keep your eyes peeled its the day you’ve all been waiting for….


Gone Speed,


1 Comment

  1. Are you going to do any blogs about your fat friend Kurt that looks like Caitlyn Jenner, he’s always on your snap stories and is hilarious!


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