Live from the gutter… GOES LIVE!

Wow! What an absurd week this has been!

For those of you that don’t know, I decided to start my own blog 4 months ago. This directly coincided with my decision to pick up and move across the country, with nothing more than a suitcase, and dreams of greener pastures.

I’ve been blogging just about the only way I know how; with reckless abandonment to say the least.

My stories are insane and my grammar is terrible. This blog has been basically unreadable for the 10 friends I’ve had doing their best to follow it the past couple months. It certainly wasn’t ready for the public anytime soon.

I definitely never planned on blogging about the bachelor that’s for sure.

But after 3 weeks of watching everybody bash Corinne, I couldn’t believe that I was the only person that thought she was killing it!

It’s Reality TV!!!! It’s supposed to be wild and fun and “unscripted chaos!”.

We’ve all become so jaded now though, because of how “fake” everything has become. Everyone has decided to become these “perfect” versions of themselves to portray their best qualities all over the internet.

I decided after it was originally private that some girls might find it funny, so I put it on my wall and a couple of friends’ walls. It was shared an incredible amount all over Facebook and to be honest, I was really just happy that all of you saw my article and didn’t think I was going crazy!

But what I never expected was somehow the blog got picked up by “Reality Steve”; the famous guy who gives all the reality TV spoilers. He called me Corinne’s “ex-boyfriend”, made some comments about my blog, then he linked it up in his article. That led to some majorrrrr traffic and the madness that followed.

I was contacted by a girl at Us Weekly! She wanted me to give more dirt on Corinne. That’s not how I roll. I have nothing bad to say about her and so I didn’t. I gave her quotes on everything I had already written in the blog, and thought nothing more of it.

I was pumped! LIVE FROM THE GUTTER got over 10,000 views in under 24 hours on the CORINNNE BLOG!

What a massive success for the live debut!

But then there was the matter of this Monday – US weekly decided, unbeknownst to me, to make me a featured cover story and call me her EX Boyfriend! (nowhere in my blog did I ever say that nor over the phone).

Then about 20 other sites picked it up and ran with it. All of the sudden I’m everywhere!

Later on that afternoon I was contacted by HollywoodLife and I decided I could do one more Corinne story if they wanted, as long as it was 100% positive.

While the title was ridiculous, I was pretty happy with the nice things they quoted me on about Corinne. Yes, she has read my blog and loved it. We’ve been in touch this week and let’s just say there might be some more to come from me and the girl that’s sweeping the nation.

In the meantime, I have a bunch of projects I’ve been working on that I think you’ll enjoy. I have tons of new blogs ready to go and once I fix up some of the old ones they’ll all be released as well.

15 minutes of fame… I ain’t about that life. I’m trying to build something big here and this is just the start.

Be sure to check out ELITE DAILY in the near future; I’m supposed to be doing an article for them about (of course) The Bachelor, because that’s all the rage these days!

Alrighty guys, I know this blog wasn’t quite too funny, but I figure I just had to explain myself for this sudden “INTERNET FAME”

If you haven’t seen it yet, I just released Part 1 on my Facebook of Live From The Gutter Presents: The Real, Keith Berman. Hopefully you’ll gain in a little insight into who I really am.

To all you #GUTTERKIDS — Big things are coming…

Gone Speed,

Gutter Nation


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