Sonny McClean’s: The Pride of Boston

Sooo apparently this bar is the most famous Boston Bar in LA and is a big deal because some mob boss named Whitey Bulger used to hangout there while he was wanted for like 20 murders!

All I know is its the hottest and coolest spot to watch Boston Sports. That was enough for my boy Ben whose a die hard pats fan and wanted to check it out.

Of course this is the kind of spot where people camp out all morning to get the best spots and reserve tables. We decided to arrive 15 minutes before gametime naturally.

We get there and there is a line around the corner. We decided to go check out the back and there’s an old man who refuses to let us go past him without stamps.

At this point my boy Ben is really down and kickoff is ten minutes away he doesn’t want to miss it.

He marked this thing dead and I could see the disappointment in his face. I refused to not try and smooth talk my way at the very least. Soo I approached the friendliest looking bouncer and basically felt him out to see if he could be paid off. He was down I knew it and before you know it 20 bucks later were all into this jam packed bar that had what looked like a 1 hour line around the corner.

I’m basically a modern day hero no big deal!  Ok but seriously that was way too easy for a the most popular Boston sports bar in LA, the again I guess all those people waiting in line are just fools!

Anyways I was really happy for my boy because it was such an awesome experience. You could just feel all the love from the second we walked in. I don’t ever leave my couch on sundays so it was pretty cool the energy in the place was electric.

Now the hard part was to find a suitable spot and great drinks. Somehow I was on fire that day because I was able to get both. I walked up to the hottest chicks sitting at the bar and asked if I could squeeze in for some drinks. Next thing you know they invite our whole crew over to there area because “they are the most fun people in the bar” according to them.

We went from not getting in, to the first standing spots right behind the bar seats, and next thing you know everyone is talking to one of these chicks. It’s fucking great the pats are obviously going to win and every single little good play the energy just keeps picking up.

Its like one giant LOVE FEST.  I love this place I might need to come to bars for games more often.

The second half was even better then the first. We decided to take the pats second half and it wasn’t really ever in doubt of covering. Then there was the matter of some giant drunk dude giving up the best seat in the house for me to sit in next to the hot chick.

There’s something so sexy about a girl whose really into sports. The fact that she got to the bar at 12 to reserve those seats was impressive enough. Then add in the fact that every celebration theres just so much touching to go around its kinda awesome  watching games with hot girls… Who Knew?!

The best part of the second half was a man that we like to refer to as the PARTY GUY.

PARTY GUY can be any random dude that we don’t know who decides he’s going to be the life of the party. In this case our new friend first showed off his betting slip to try to impress us I guess? 50 bucks to win 45 dollars! Wow dude, awesome!

Then he made a wild declaration that he was going to ball out and offered up FREE SHOTS for every first down! Jesus you psycho that’s a fucking death sentence. We settle on every patriots touchdown and to his credit he lived up to it and bought all 8 people girls and guys in our crew shots!

We started chanting PARTY GUY, he gave wild toasts shit was reckless! Ooo and the girls were loving it, all while it was on this kids dime, fucking unreal!

Soo the game ended and I’m pretty sure Mark could have gotten laid by a decent looking chick if he wanted to, but he decided he wanted to jerkoff to pictures of his Ex girlfriend with his own tears.

Just kidding, but seriously as one of my clown friends likes to say…. You gotta fuck a 4 to appreciate an 8!  Time to get back in the game big guy first one is always the hardest!

Meanwhile I think I had a legitimate shot with the girl I was with, I think she wanted me to stay but we needed to leave and eat. I got her number we’ve been chatting we’ll see whatever happens with that.

Sooo yea that was the story of Sonny Mclean’s. Overall sick bar highly recommend it for any Boston games I’ll def have to just show up to hit on some RedSox chicks one day.

The rest of our evening was pretty standard stuff nothing crazy so we’ll pick things up on this wild weekend with my sunday afternoon at The Parlor, boy was that an absurd spot.

To be continued……..

Gone Speed,

Dion Lewis

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