Run the Table?! The Legend of Aaron Rodgers

Sooo I’ve been blogging for 3 months and I guess its time I finally write one sports article!

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet.

I’ve been a die hard packers fan ever since I was 4 years old. Brett Favre was MVP of the league and man I fell in love. A year or so later he won a Super Bowl and that was it, they had my heart and I’ve never looked back 20 years later I’m as obsessive as ever.

If you want to hack into anything of mine just type some packers players names down you’ll eventually crack all my passwords!

Anyways I’ll cut right to it….. If Aaron Rodgers wins the SuperBowl he is a lock for top 3 QB of all time and catapults into the GOAT conversation. He’s simply that good and a 2nd SuperBowl Ring getting it in this fashion would be ridiculous.

I mean were all acting like this is no big deal. What team whose 4-6 is ever 2 games away from winning the Superbowl?!!

4-6?!! We were left for Dead. Fuckkkkk, even me the most optimistic of fans was beginning to think the season had somehow slipped away. We were so out of sync nothing was clicking people wanted McCarthy’s head a guy who hadn’t missed the playoffs in 7 seasons!

I mean what on planet earth would have given Rodgers any indication that we were even capable of “Running the Table” is beyond me. He of course could have said it and been wrong but since he made that statement the packers haven’t lost!

This has been one of the most spectacular and exhilarating carpet rides I’ve ever witnessed. Honestly if it ended tomorrow I already got so much more then I bargained for but I have a feeling we are destined for Houston!

We beat Dallas the toughest team in the NFC, Atlanta is the next to suffer at the hands of the magician. Thats what Rodgers is out there I mean the things he is doing are simply too crazy to comprehend.

That game winning throw against Dallas may have been the best throw I’ve ever seen in my LIFE!

They don’t stand a chance, the packers are soooo hotttt right now!

And somehow we are big underdogs again this week! Aaron Rodgers should never be the underdog! If you like money I don’t know how you wouldn’t take 2-1 on Rodgers anytime, anyplace! I don’t care who our receivers are out there give me some undrafted kid named Geronomo Allison and that clown Jared Cook it doesn’t matter!

Aaron Rodgers at 4-6 saying we could Run the Table and then actually doing it could go down as one of the most legendary things in NFL History.

The man can do no wrong. (All those morons who make gay jokes I don’t know where they came from are so lame it cracks me up. Its like bro you can’t just sit back and enjoy greatness!)

If we win this week I’m packing up my shit and heading to Houston! How I’m going to afford that trip is anyone’s guess but I’m going to make it happen!


Alright that’s it enough from this idiot.

Packers vs. Atlanta………….NFC championship game, WOW! BIG TIMEEEEEE!

Be afraid of the GOAT PEOPLE!

See you in Houston!

Gone Speed,

Julius Peppers

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