Cocaine Free 2017?!

Sooo I’m about 17 days late discussing my first LA NYE but there was a major development that occurred that evening that will shape the course of my entire life! (Or at least this next year)

It’s New Years and everyone does cocaine on NYE. Me being new to Los Angeles and wanting to be smart I decided I better not be the one to bring that nonsense out.

Sooo I show up at NYE and meet these awesome black dudes(of course). I don’t know why but I keep meeting awesome black people in LA I can’t help it! I’ve made more black friends here then I have my entire life!

Anyways I ask them if they wanna blaze from my pen and they are veryyyy down. So were bro’ing out and then its time for that next level shit. I start going on a 10 second rant about how somebody must have cocaine at this party while the kid just smiles at me.

Ooooo you have cocaine don’t you?! (He nods)

Next thing you know he’s fixing us up some lines and let me tell you that stuff was CRAP with a CAPITAL EVERY LETTER!

Apparently Coke in LA is nowhere near as good as New York or Miami, better off!

I’ve always thought Cocaine is a terrible drug and it was at that moment that I decided I was done for the night. 2 lines and I was calling it.

Mind you uppers for someone of my Bipolar nature need to be done with such extreme caution I really shouldn’t even be touching that crap. But then theres the matter of my fucked up nose!

My nose is so broken, fractured, deviated, and weak it cant handle that nonsense anymore. I woke up the next morning in serious pain. My nose wasn’t even bleeding I only did 2 lines I was just in severe pain.

At that moment, after all the times I’ve been warned and told to stop and so forth it finally hit me. It was time to make my New Years Resolution right there and then.

I’m going to be COCAINE FREE FOR 2017!

Yes that’s right, I won’t blow one single line this year. No matter the occasion or how hot the girl is that wants to do it with me, no excuses, no more lines!

Of course I was put to the test early when my friends came in and visited a couple of days ago. It was basically snowing in Los Angeles all weekend (more blogs on this later) and I’ll admit while I did stay away from any nose action, I did do a couple nummies.

That doesn’t count though right, no more lines this year but nummies are legal?! No seriously guys I think I need it completely out of my system for this to be really legit though so from here on out no more nummies either!

New year, New me! COCAINE FREE 2017 BABY!

Mom would be so proud!

Cleaning up the gutter baby, one less line of coke at a time!

Gone Speed,

CocaineLess Cowboy







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