My Japanese Roomate

Soooo this week I’ve been living with a small Japanese woman and it’s certainly weird to say the least.

Let me explain.

One of my roommates met a Japanese girl on tinder and they are dating now.

She speaks very minimal english, she’s getting better, but she doesn’t understand everything and it’s hard to understand her at times.

She’s visiting him as we speak and I’m not gonna lie her lifestyle here has been nothing short of hilarious.

First she wakes up at the crack of dawn and cooks her boyfriend breakfast. There kinda loud even though they try and be quiet and I always hear them.

It’s not really there fault I’m on the couch the kitchen is ten feet away, those are the breaks when your living life in the gutter.

She makes him something really good always, pancakes, eggs you name it.

She’s a fantastic cook and she claims she’s self taught. She’s already cooked me like 10 dinners and they’ve all been unreal. She even did hand made sushi rolls one night it was phenomenal!

Anyways what’s funny is she then proceeds to go back to sleep, but not just regular  back to sleep. She basically sleeps the entire rest of the day only to come out and research in this little cookbook that he got her what to cook for dinner that night.

Then she looks around the kitchen, see what ingredients we have and goes shopping for the rest of the ingredients.

She comes back and starts cooking before he gets back. If I’m here I’m secretly praying I catch the invite to have dinner with them.

Then after dinner she does nothing. She just likes goes back to sleep!

Literally she’s like a Japanese house slave that just cooks and cleans around here. I’m not even sure if they even have sex?!

Is this what all Japanese woman are like? The only ones I ever hang out with are Jerking me off after they give me the best massage of my life!

I think I need a Japanese house slave and I needed one a month ago!

Oooo well I guess I’ll have to stick to her cooking and paying for those handjobs still.

Speaking of handjobs, I still haven’t found a joint out here in LA, it might be time for me to start to ask around I could use a good massage. Afterall I’m stressed and broke!

Alright folks that is all from me for the evening toodles!

Gone Speed,



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