How do people feel about “Read” Receipts?!

Alright so this only applies to people with an iphone but lets be honest if you don’t own an iphone your a fucking loser.

Not going to waste another second on that subject its open and shut.

Anyways so obviously the iphones natural setting is for it to just say “delivered”

Recently a friend of mine decided to change it and I don’t care what her explanation was changing your setting to “Read” Receipts is such a Power move,  I almost love it!

I’m considering doing it myself! I miss the olden days of bbming when somebody couldn’t just ignore you because they knew you READ IT!

I mean seriously how much less ghosting would go down? Girls would have to come up with a reasonable excuse or at least be courteous and just say there not interested. Or even better you would just know your being ghosted and they clearly are ignoring you, end of story.

Maybe you read something and forgot to answer so your friend calls you out on it?

I almost wish Read Receipts were the norm. People would answer so much quicker I can’t stand the texting games girls play its nonsense.

I know there basically frowned upon but fuck it I might have to make the move.

Stay tuned I’m sure I’ll have an update if I try it out….

****** Editors note UPDATE: I’d like to Retract everything I wrote here about Read Receipts!

Apparently they only work so that the person can see when you read something but not both ways?!

WTFFFFF I Don’t care if people see when I read shit I just wanna know when stupid girls are ignoring me!

Ughhhh…. Fuck Read Receipts!

Gone Speed,

Long live Blackberries!



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