ROSE BOWL: The Grandaddy of them All!

Wow What a fucking Game!

Good thing I remember like 12% of it!

Seriously I was in attendance for the the greatest Rose Bowl Game of All Time and I think I was conscious for like half a quarter.

But let me tell you from everything I do remember I had a fucking blast!

I started the journey to the game on a god damn party bus. Of course that was fun because when is a party bus not fun?!

They should just have party buses driving around the city randomly all day. People pay 5 bucks, hop on, have a drink, meet some people and head on over to the Super market no big deal.

Party buses the way of the Future!

Anyways I’d be crazy not to give the girl who set that up mad props I mean organizing a party bus can’t be easy I know how those things go. Dealing with collecting the money and that nonsense is brutal so that was impressive in itself.

The tailgate was pretty solid actually we mixed on in with some other Penn State and USC tailgates. We were close enough by other tailgates that whatever we were lacking in music, drinks, food etc I was able to mooch off others.

I’m the guy wearing the funny jacket who didn’t go to either school, whose gonna say no to the friendly guy in the funny suit!


Of course I would be insane not to mention that not one single person from Penn State decided to dress up like a frat star. Everyone just sitting there in there boring Penn State gear while of course the frattiest motherfucker in the building is the Hoosier.


Then there was the issue of actually getting a ticket and boy that was just way too easy also.

I met a USC girl on our bus and she had a friend with an extra ticket. .

Met him by the gate venmoed him and I was good to go. Boom, easy cakes.

Now just gotta not get too blacked out, maybe find a cute girl to hangout with during the game and this is gonna be one hell of a day!

Ooooo wait what’s that its an hour until kickoff and…….. WHAMMMMM, LIGHTS OUT.

No not me, I’m still breathing and somewhat coherent.

But probably more importantly….


Completely Dead.

1 Hour Before Kickoff out of nowhere my phone is fucking dead!


So all I have to do now is make sure my wondering drunk ass doesn’t lose everyone at the game, mind you my ticket is in a completely different section, so I’m g0ing to have to do some maneuvering as it is.

Well lets just say things didn’t go according to plan because somewhere between the 1st and 2nd quarter I wind up wondering around the stadium COMPLETELY LOST! Can’t find anyone let alone remember what section we’re in.

Next thing I know I’m back outside in the parking lot at this huge 50 person  ALL BLACK  PERSON TAILGATE hanging out with these cool dudes, and some chick named Moesha watching this Game on some GIANT BIG SCREEN TV on the back of a truck!

These Black Guys are being mad nice feeding me shit off the grill I’m having a blast, wait why did I even buy a ticket to this game again?!!

It wasn’t until midway through the 3rd when things started to get absurd and the scoring kept on piling on that something clicked in my deadbeat drunk brain (Get back to the stadium!)

Not sure why I ever even left in the first place but at least I had the wherewithal to go back!

Soooo I wonder my ass back in mind you I don’t have my ticket anymore(Lost it naturally) so I had to pull a classic Keith Berman sneak into the Stadium 101 which I luckily was able to do.

I attempted to find the 8 penn state people I was with in a sea of 10,000 white shirts good luck with that shit!

So I settled on in next to some random Penn State fans pretty close to the field and watched the wild end of the 4th quarter.

I didn’t care who won it was just awesome being there it was so loud in there it was incredible.

The game ended on a wild pick and field goal for a 52-49 final score. Game of the century they are calling it and I was at least there to witness the finish!


Alright sooo that was awesome, ho hum alright let me go back and find the partyyyyy ooooo wait omggggggg I have no fucking idea where the party bus is and MY PHONE IS DEAD!!!!!

Ahhhh how the fuck am I supposed to find this party bus there’s 70,000 people at this stadium and I’m just supposed to know where we parked that thing!

Ughhh well I guess I might as well go look and pray.

Clearly I didn’t pray hard enough because not only did I have no idea where anybody was but I didn’t come close to finding that bus.

So now I might as well be a homeless hitchhiker. What good is this stupid dead piece of plastic in my hand its useless.

I’m a real hitchhiker now, I mean I’m stuck in the middle of Pasedena 1 hour away from where I live at a stadium that is surrounded by nothing!

How the fuck am I supposed to get home?!

Soooo I just start wondering off with some random people and I eventually bumped into this kid who seemed friendly. We start chatting and at some point I offer him my Vape pen because why not?

He’s down and now he trusts me, Ahhh the Magic Vape pen about to save me once again!

I asked if I could come over to his place to charge my phone.

He says he’s heading to his friends, he convinces them to let me in so now I’m chilling at these random kids place in pasedena only to find out that an UBER would be 150$ home!


So now what I’m going to just be stuck in pasedena even with a fully charged phone?!!

(Mind you these kids smoked me out while I was there but still high with a charged phone stranded wondering the Pasadena streets is not a good recipe for success!)

Pasedena Kid: “Hey Man I’ll give you a ride if you throw me some money”

Me: “Umm yea dude how much you want, how’s 40 bucks sound?!”

Pasedena kid: “Done dude, lets do it!”

Me: “Sick man your a life saver I owe you one!”

He even drags his two friends along in the car ride with him. They drove 40 minutes to drive me back to venice. God knows what those kids did with my 40 bucks probably bought a shit ton of IN-OUT Burger.

All I’m thinking is how fucking nice are these kids I mean there like 22 or some shit and I got a dead phone in the middle of nowhere and he saved me from being fucked!

Nobody in New York would stop to call 911 if I was bleeding out in the streets let alone invite me in and drive me home.

Only in California jesus, fucking Cali baby.

Anddd yuppppp so that was that my first ever ROSE BOWL experience. What a fucking day.

THE GRANDADDY OF THEM ALL! THE GREATEST ROSE BOWL GAME EVER! And of course in typical fashion I barely survived to tell the tale!

Then again, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Gone Speed,

Hoosier Daddyyyyy




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