Warner Brothers Studio Tour…. DON’T DO IT!

Soo when you come to LA as a tourist sometimes you just wanna check everything out including all the cool tours.

In your mind your thinking “ooo Warner Brothers they have awesome movies, they have bugs bunny and Harry Potter  blah blah blah, It sounds awesome… I wanna see the set of friends!(every girl)”

But, thank me later for saving you your money and time…..

I beg you….. go nowhere near the Warner Brothers Studio Tour!!!

It’s boring as fuck. If you like seeing a bunch of empty houses that apparently they make look good in some movies you haven’t even heard of sure go check it out.

If you like staring at the outside of buildings that house amazing shows such as Big Bang Theory and Gilmore Girls take a look!

If you like hearing hours of useless information about movies from 1975 or earlier be my guest.

Actually If you like Pretty Little Liars and are interested in hearing the tour guide mention the show 17 times, then maybe the tour is for you. But even that show didn’t have anything cool to see!

Anddd don’t even get me started on there “little rooms” they claim are interactive. Please theres more interactive shit at Starbucks then there was in those rooms. That’s not an exaggeration.

So please if your coming to LA and thinking about doing some of the Studio Tours…..

Do yourself a favor and stay away from Warner Brothers!

Learn from my mistakes people, learn!

Gone Speed,


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