Real Men don’t let Girlfriends RUIN Sundays

As I’ve gotten older I’ve started to notice how all my friends handle sundays once they get into a relationship.

There’s so many factors that go into play but basically its how hardcore of fan are you vs. how big of a bitch are you when it comes to your girlfriend.

My head is already in a pretzel trying to come up with a mental graph of those two, so I’ll explain it in the simplest forms I can.

When your an intense fan like I am literally nothing comes between me and my Sunday Football. That my is my day,  16 of the BEST DAMN DAYS OF THE ENTIRE YEAR!

Nobody is taking me away from these games, period.

Then of course there’s the casual fans who like to watch but don’t care so much. They’ll go to a bar or watch the “insert team of whatever city they live in” sometimes if its convenient and on.

This is where the girlfriends come into play. See a hardcore fan who also has his relationship under control lets his girlfriend know the deal. This is my day, go have brunch and shop all day with your friends.

Leave me alone and that makes me happier with you.

The good ones, they get it. My Mom honestly I love her and respect her so much just for the way she lets me and my Dad watch the games nonstop. She doesn’t bother us with plans and not only that she would always make sure to not schedule anything during our games.

Then you have the crazy girlfriends. The ones that must spend every waking hour with there boyfriend and can’t leave them alone for a second. If they are with a hardcore fan then they either tag along on Sundays or they drag them around to bars and other spots for the games.

If there with a casual fan forget it. You’ll be out all fall apple picking and checking out those vineyards… you won’t even sniff football again.

These girls are no good. If you have a girlfriend like this just know it only gets worse when there’s babies involved, ugh every Sunday your lucky if you even hear football mentioned!

Sooo I guess its up to you men, do you want to let your girlfriend ruin sundays or do you want to take back your balls and own the day that is so sacred to us!

Sundays Are For MEN!


Gone Speed,


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