That night I met a DJ

Something about DJs man I fucking love them. Probably because I wish I could be one, but I love hanging with them. Their creativity, their energy, its all great.

Sooo where do I meet this guy of all places… In an UBER share ride of courseeee!

Dude was the man from the second I met him. He was a black guy who basically looked like Kimbo Slice. (and come on I mean who the fuck doesn’t love Kimbo Slice!)

He was laid back, wasn’t promoting himself too hardcore or anything, just a chill dude. Before you know it he’s rolling a joint and were just smoking in the back of this woman’s UBER!

And of course what are the odds but when I ask him where he’s going its the same club as me! Absurdddd

He tells me he’s checking out this cool spot first, I wind up tagging along with him. He walks us right in its great.

We wind up heading over to the next club together and of course his friends table is across from mine. Soo apparently everyone just smokes joints and cigs all over these clubs like its fucking Miami. Unreal I love it, smoking joints in clubs is the only way to party.

We split up but he told me he’s playing a show the next day so I go and check him out at this little converted art gallery, it was mad cool.

I walk up to the DJ booth and he literally hands me a joint. I guess that’s just how this all goes down in LA, brave new world out here.

This of course was the pregame to what wound up being a hilarious evening.

What’s going to happen with this DJ friend of mine I have no idea. Maybe we’ll be boys and hangout or I won’t see him again but either way it was pretty cool for the moment that it was.

Alright next up I’ll finish the story for the rest of this evening as it only got better….

Gone Speed,

DJ Khaled

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