UBER LA : The Land of Opportunity

Sooo one of the biggest differences between UBER LA and UBER NYC is that all the UBER drivers aren’t just Taxi drivers with side jobs.

The LA UBER drivers are quite the eclectic bunch let me tell you!

Not being racist but pretty much all the taxi drivers in NYC fit a very similar description. (Foreigners who were hustling as there full time job, spoke barely any english majority of the time) And I loved them, I actually never UBERed in NYC fuck that I was a Taxi man, those guys know how to drive baby, there animals!

So Once UBER came to town all of those guys decided to either switch to UBER or do it as extra money on the side. Either way most of UBER world in the city was the same as the Taxi world.

But obviously out of necessity I’ve became an UBER guy out here in LA.

(I actually tried LYFT for a hot minute, they were giving me discounts, but that all got ruined when my friend puked in the car! All the sudden they started jacking up my rates, not sure how that works, but I must be a 1 star passenger over there or something?)

Anyways LA UBER drivers are such an interesting bunch. You got all these people who are side hustling now just making extra money on their own time which gives them freedom.

So because of the freedom we got actors, entrepreneurs, mothers, hot women, surfers, grad students, and just overall awesome people. Honestly you just never know who your going to get.

To say I’ve had my share of funny experiences so far would be an understatement.

Its actually been incredible how much information and little tips I’ve gained each time I step into an UBER. I say I’m new to the city and somehow everyone has something helpful to tell me.

Nobody welcomes you like this in New York! Ooo your new to NYC good luck jackass enjoy the shitty weather and endless amounts of noise!

Here everyone is so friendly.  One girl was telling me all the best spots to live and why, incredible advice.

I had one guy tell me the Secret Password of how to get into some wild SpeakEasy ten seconds into our conversation.

Another guy gave me the perfect dish I should order at the Best Peruvian dinner spot in LA, because of course thats where I want to go! (Ok maybe not so useful this one)

One dude was in a pilot that might be getting picked up about a mental health patient who committed a crime, and there investigating him while exploring the flaws in the health system. (Wait a second that sounds exactly like my story?!! That’s fucking strange jesus did somebody set me up again? Am I famous?! Whats going on!!! Haha Jesus Ok fine but that’s eerily similar sheesh.)

Finally last but not least…. One of my favorites was this guy who called himself a 5 Star whore! It was an UBER share ride and he legit was basically willing to blow all the passengers for a 5 star rating, I’ve never seen anyone work so hard for that 5 stars from each and every one of us in my life!

Andddd you bet I gave that man 5 stars……he wanted it, and he fucking earned it!

Sooo yup you can definitely say its been quite the interesting experience with these LA UBERS. Who knows when I’ll get a car out here, so for now the adventures shall continue.

If anything crazy happens I’ll be sure to update.

Look at me banging out multiple blogs in one day, sometimes I even surprise myself.

Maybe I am cut out for the blogger life who knows?

Stay classy people.

Gone speed,





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