“Your Fired!!!”: Crashing back to Reality


And just like that the dream is dead.

Oooo boyyyyy back in the gutterrrrrr.

I lasted 3 weeks?! Jesus christ I couldn’t even make it one month!

I have no words to describe this one. I was completely shocked.

The night earlier I’m hanging out with Cuban Gooding Jr. having a blast. I walked over and said “show me the money” while I dapped him up. He yells it back “SHOW ME THE MONEY!!”

What a fucking cool experience that was.

The next night I show up for work, they bring me downstairs and they tell me “Where going to have to let you go”

Btw I love how that’s what people say when they’re firing you. Like there putting you down easy in a nice way. The words “Your Fired” are just a bit harsh. I get it but it doesn’t really feel any better.

If anything its just rude like fuck you your firing me asshole, not just “letting me go”. Don’t act like your just letting me walk peacefully away from this thing ya jackwagons!

Then they had the audacity to not give me one good reason why they did it. “You made a couple drinks wrong” “We had a couple customers complain about the drinks you made” “The inventory room wasn’t neat enough”

Like first off don’t give me these half ass reasons, if anything was up you would have mentioned something and I could have done better. I’ve never been more confused and shocked by a firing in my life.

Anyways  what a damn wakeup call this was. I went from looking for apartments and wondering how I was going to get my car over here, to not knowing where my next paycheck is coming from.

To top it all off, my potential 30K survivor pool winnings went down the toilet this weekend and so now there’s no POT OF GOLD to chase.

Its over… I may never become a Pro poker player now!

Maybe I’m not cut out to be a bartender. I don’t really like it anyways it just gives me some income and free time that’s about it.

Some serious soul searching is in order.

Good news is this will give me more time to blog and figure out what it is I want to do.

The only question now is how to I harness all this intelligence and raw energy of mine and channel it into its most productive form. I’ve done it before, anyone whose seen Coach Berman knows what I mean. (Don’t get me started about coaching, I don’t want to do it!)

Gotta keep my head up baby. Its all part of the journey, they don’t call it the Gutter for nothing!

Keeping it real as always…. Live from the guttterrrrr

Gone speed,


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