Down the Rabbit Hole: Who Started the Harlem Shake?

You see I’m not a big internet guy so I think I speak for the common man when I’m just wondering who the fuck invented the Harlem Shake?

Like I don’t care if there’s a logical explanation for it all.

Some genius out there came up with this stupid idea of one random dude dancing with a giant thing on his head and then 10 seconds later everybody is partying.

Likeeee whatt?!!!!

Of course millions of people made their own videos I mean the idea was hilarious!

Whoever came up with this idea needs to be making Bud Weiser commericials ASAPPPP…. get that man a job!

As for the dude whose song it was Baauer was his name I believe? I haven’t heard a peep from him since. But who knows I’m sure he’s killing it as a DJ somewhere in Ugoslavia where they still think the Harlem shake is cool!

Anyways I’d rather not even begin to solve the mystery of the Harlem Shake, its best left alone.

I don’t think I even did a single Harlem Shake video myself go figure, but they were awesome and  I’m glad that it happened.

Anyone who has anything bad to say about the magical Phenomenon that it was doesn’t like fun!

Long Live the HARLEM SHAKE!

Gone Speed,



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