99 Cents Store….a.k.a Free Food?!

Has anyone ever been to a real 99 cents store? Like I’ve been to “dollar stores”, thrift shops, and all that good stuff but I had never been to the real deal branded 99 cents supermarket store in my life.

That shit is bananas. I dare you to try and spend 50 bucks in there… you can’t!

My first time there I was like a kid at a candy store. I couldn’t believe everything on the shelves was only 99 cents!

I was grabbing the dumbest items ever and just throwing them in my cart….FREE FOOD!

You remember those old game shows where it was like grab as many items as you can in 1 minute and its all free? That was basically me stuffing my grocery cart, I felt like I robbed the joint!

After my first round of shopping all I had spent was 18 bucks. 18 bucks for a full shopping cart! WTF!  And mind you this was including the 2.99 for milk (I thought this was the 99 cents only store jackasses!)

Anyways….. So of course I went back for round 2 about 3 days later after somehow all my food was gone and that was when it hit me. There’s no healthy food at the 99 cents store!

On top of that, everything is about to expire apparently and that’s how the store makes money, they get free food given to them and then they flip it all for a dollar.

Ughhh so basically it might as well be called the 99 cents candy store. And as much as I enjoy candy, spending that much money on crap can’t be a healthy way to live.

Ooo well it was fun while it lasted. And besides If I ever want mad snacks now I know where to get them!

Gone Speed,

Willy Wonka

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