Tinder Madness: Sunday Night Special!

Wow  LA Tinder…. the gift that keeps on giving

Sooo I sent a Sunday night Hail Mary “come over” text to literally ONE GIRL.

Anddd just my luck, my prayers were answered because she was downnnnn. She comes over immediately and winds up blowing my brains out for hours nonstop. Like literally I was tired and had to send her home, I made up some excuse!

I was tired of getting my damn dick sucked it was already round 3,  I wasn’t cumming no matter how long she went. But if not for me she wasn’t stopping.

She never complained once, didn’t need water she loved it! She even kept staring into my eyes porn style ughhh (take notes future ladies who may read this one day!)

Wild stuff just wild stuff.

When your hot your hot right?

Ooo boyyy what a Sunday

Alrighty I’m getting in a groove here

Gone speed,


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