No I won’t just get a “regular” massage!

Soo since I’ve been in California multiple people have just randomly mentioned to me that I should get a massage.

The problem is I can’t just go and get a “regular massage”.

And what I mean by that is I can’t get a massage anymore that doesn’t involve handjobs!

Yes that’s right handjobs people, handjobs!

You see while majority of people think they are quite filthy, theres an underground world of geniuses out there that know that’s the only damn way to get massaged.  (not exactly sure if this applies to women, but it might)

Its like being enlightened. You know how once you’ve had sex there’s no going back to handjobs?

Well once you’ve had happy endings theres no going back to just regular massages.

If your skeptical it’s because you haven’t had one simple as that!

I could sit here and write a whole blog just about the magic I’ve experienced there but I’ll save that for a future date.

Just wait until I’ll tell you all about the time I had 4 hands! (that’s what the asians call 2 girls at once, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT)

Anyways I guess the real problem here isn’t that I can’t get a massage it’s that I haven’t found any handjob joints in LA yet.

Then again I’ve only been here a month and I haven’t searched them out so I’m sure when I’m ready the universe will speak to me.

Alright I think that’s enough blogging for now…. 2 in 1 hour jesus what has gotten into me.

Almost time to get ready for work…. who knows what funny celebrities I’ll see over in the tower this evening.

Toodlesss everyone!

Gone Speed,

West Garden

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