“I’m a Sativa Girl”

Soooo I guess in California weed isn’t just weed?!

I don’t know about most people but my understanding of pot has always been pretty basic. I always thought there were different strands and some give you a body high and some give you a head high.

Never once in my life did anyone ever start mentioning Sativa’s and Indica’s to me.

So when I offered my vape pen to this girl and she takes a couple hits and starts questioning me on what kind of pot it is. I’m like I don’t know, does it matter?!

She looks at me and was like yeaaaaa there totally different….. “I’m a sativa girl”

Ooo “your a sativaaaa girl huh?” (Thinking how stuck up is this stupid girl)

But I said “Hmmm interesting….. whats the difference?’

“Indica’s make you more chill and sativa’s give you more energy”

Welllll after doing some research this funny drunk girl was apparently right!

I feel likeĀ half of it has to do with how your smoking it and how you feel when your smoking. But I guess this is the beginning of my education into the world of weed.

I’m a month in here and apparently I have muchhh to learn, luckily so much time…..

What’s that I just wrote another blog what has gotten into me?

Hmmm…. Maybe its this new SATIVA PEN I just got?!!

Happy learned how to putt……uh oooooooooooo

Gone Speed,



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