First LA Update: I love this place!

Wow so it’s been literally about a month and I haven’t written one update since I got here.

Jesus where to begin, this has been a blur.

I mean the second you get off the plane and its 75 in November how can you not be in a good mood?

I got the same feeling here when I first got to Bloomington… I just knew I would love it!

Sooo lets jump right in here….. it took me all of 5 days to find a job. Wow. Apparently its pretty hard to find bartending jobs here because everyone wants to do that, who knew?

Lucky me right place right time I guess because I found a pretty good gig I think. Bar manager (aka bartender with slightly more responsibilities and higher pay) at a celebrity hot spot in West Hollywood.

When I say hot spot , I accidentally stumbled into a goldmine because my first day of work who strolls in with his wife…. Matthew Mcconaughey!

The second night I’m there whose chillen at the table 5 feet away… John Mayer!

Then an hour later same night Emma Stone walks on in and I wound up making her a margarita! ( In-do-facto I basically made out with Emma Stone, no big deal)

Sooo let me get this straight I went from serving some hillbillies out in Farmingdale to making drinks for Emma Stone?!

Jesus I might still be in the gutter in life but as far as the bartending atmosphere goes I think I’m in the Penthouse now.

I don’t know what’s going to come out of it but at the very least I’ll meet some awesome celebrities and have stories for days.

Lets see what else is there

Weather, women and weed that’s what they say about here right.

Well we know the weather is amazing I mean 70’s and swimming in November who can beat that?

Next we got the women and as far as they go, Tinder is a game changer.

I mean I banged a chick within a week! If this was 5 years ago I would have had to go out and meet some random girl, god knows how long it would of taken me to bang someone. Now I just have 100 girls that are “attracted to me “ at my disposal. It’s a game of numbers baby somebody has got to be down.

I honestly don’t even know what a pre tinder world was like anymore! Unreal.

Funny this chick was from New York of course….. I came all the way out here and got with a New Yorker, Classic.

I’ve gone on dates with a swedish au pair and hot chick from London … nothing crazy just some PG kissing but still hilarious none the less.

Then of course we’ve got the weed. Boy is it good.

I had my first dispensary trip and it was awesome. Imagine going to a candy store and picking out chocolates. That’s what its like and yes they have tons of pot candy!

Just a smokers paradise out here. And of course they officially legalized it two weeks ago so it might as well be like drinking alcohol now.

Weed bakery’s are going to be popping off the next couple years you heard it here first!

I wish I wasn’t so broke…. how do I invest?!

Anyways lets see I’ve been sleeping on my buddies couch in Venice this place is awesome. Nice little complex, pool, gym, the works.

Honestly I owe my life to my boy Mark and his roommate who are letting me crash. This is the hardest part getting on your feet, especially when your broke.

They even were willing to have me keep living here, I offered to pay them rent and they were down. But I decided in about a week I’m going to be moving into a Bungalow Hostel in West Hollywood about a mile away from work easy walk.

Banana Bungalow here I come! That’ll be interesting that’s for sure.

Alright well I finally did it one month down and the LA experience has been a major success!

Now if I could just start writing some blogs out here that would be nice.

Gonna bang out some quick ones soon on just random stuff.

Until then people it’s been fun

As always Live from the gutter stay classy San Diego!

Gone speed,

Jordy Nelson

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