Asian Thanksgiving…. When in Rome?!

Sooo I had my first ever thanksgiving away from the family and boy was it interesting.

My friend was gone but his roommate stuck around.  Him and his asian girlfriend decided they wanted to do it up and cook a turkey and all the sides for the holiday.

That was fine by me, I was just happy not to be working and watching football, I would have been perfectly content ordering myself a pizza!

They cooked an amazing turkey, mashed potatoes, squash you name it. It was fucking fantastic I just sat there high, drinking, watching football and eating, I was in heaven.

It got real interesting later on when she invited her Japanese friends over. They were actually pretty cute but they sat there speaking Japanese in front of our faces the whole time.

They were literally sitting there giggling and making jokes about me right in front of my face!

I thought I had a shot with the cutest one she was flirting on me hard getting touchy and stuff, boyyy that would have been awesome. But she of course had a boyfriend and I guess was just a bit of flirty of girl.

Either way that would have just been icing on the cake because boy was it a fun thanksgiving!

LA can do no wrong right now.

Maybe its because I’m always high? Who knows!

Gone speed,


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