TSA Agent… Worst Job in America?

Honestly I’m never one to hate on any job.

I respect anyone who is working and as someone who has done it all, I’ve literally had to eat crap from people and not even be able talk back, that’s life (for now).

But when it’s comes to being a TSA agent that has to be terribleeeeee

Nobody and I mean nobody, is ever happy coming to the airport!

Traveling is the worstttttt.

Unless your rich enough to be flying private having to deal with what always amounts to 3 hours of nonsense not including flight time just to go from point A To B is obnoxious.

It’s just one constant hassle after another.

Overweight bags, taking your sneakers off, pat downs, bag checks you name it I could go on forever.

I’m just saying there are shitty jobs and being a TSA agent frankly  has to be one of them.

I just don’t understand why one would choose to be around miserable people traveling all day, but I guess that’s what makes the world go round.

Well  don’t mind me just had to mention this but a typical shitty airport experience isn’t going to dampen my trip.

We are off and running people…..

6 hours until the rest of my life

Gone speed,


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