2 days until the rest of my life…

Two Days Until the Rest of My Life

Well here I am.

Two days out from moving across the country

All I got is a suitcase and a dream!

Great weather, beautiful girls, legal marijuana…what could possibly go wrong?

Well maybe just about everything if you consider my job history. But all of that is behind us…fresh start.

I can see it now…California is the place to go find out who I am and what I want to do with this life of mine.

I’m currently here blogging this to nobody, but hopefully I’ll continue to keep this thing up so that I can look back on all of this and laugh at this ridiculous move I made.

Like the thousands who have come before me, I’m just a lost kid looking to make his dent on the world.

Is this the beginning of my journey from the gutter to the penthouse?

Who knows? I have zero expectations. I just hope I survive to tell the tale!

26, broke and not a plan in sight…California here I come!

Gone Speed,

California Kid


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